Travis Cole brings a plethora of musical knowledge and experience to his work as an engineer at Satellite Music Group. His strong interest in music began at an early age.  At age 10, he began piano lessons and soon after taught himself guitar, drums, bass and ukulele. Travis first began experimenting with recording music when he was 15 by using Sony Acid Music Studio software and an SM57 mic to record his old band with some middle school friends.


Travis is a recent graduate of MediaTech Institute of Houston where he studied a variety of subjects including music theory, audio recording, mixing, mastering, business of music, and live sound reinforcement.  He also received his Pro Tools certification at MediaTech. 


After graduating from MediaTech, Travis began to use his knowledge and experience working in home studios with friends as well as helping produce a few artists at Moffet Studios in Houston. During his career Travis has been able to gain experience and proficiency on a variety of platforms such as the SSL 4000 console, Icon D control, PreSonus Studio Live, Digidesign 003, Avid Control 24, and much more. Travis has also gained experience working for a live sound company providing and running the sound system for a variety of live shows in the Houston area.


As a performing musician, Travis has played in many musical groups of various genres throughout his life and continues to do so. Back in 2007, when he was fifteen, Travis actually brought one of his first bands to Satellite Studios to record some demos, and he returned to the studio in 2012 with his band No Glory to record an EP. He constantly continues to develop his proficiency on the drums, guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele, and he is now an instructor for these instruments at All About Music, Inc. and has had plenty of success as a teacher. Travis is also a coach in Club Rock, the after-school rock band program at All About Music.


Travis’ love for music, friendly attitude, and passion for helping others succeed make him an invaluable asset for our company.

11126 Cypress N. Houston Rd.

Houston, TX 77065


(281) 890-4744


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