Don't need us to produce your project but still want us to record some of your songs?  We can help you there, too!
Recording is when the magic happens.  Instrument cases line the hallway.  The musicians and all the mics are in place.  The red “record” light goes on... “Everyone ready?  Okay, we’re rolling!”  Yes, there’s something magical about this process.


Recording is hard work.  It is one of the most demanding tasks a musician endures, but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences when it is done right. 


Our philosphy when recording tracks is simple: get the tracks sounding great right away in the room. Whether that means changing out or adjusting microphones, fine-tuning your drums, choosing the right guitar and amp combination, altering the room acoustics, picking out the right compressor, or using a little EQ, we want everything sounding great even before we hit the record button. 


Come record your project in a relaxed and creative environment that houses some of the best gear money can buy.  We love to interact with performers, and we love to motivate and to create a positive energy in the studio. Whether you’re recording a one-song demo or an epic 12-song album, we’ll make you feel right at home and work with you to make sure we capture your best performances.



11126 Cypress N. Houston Rd.

Houston, TX 77065

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