As a producer, J.R. Paredes' goal is to help artists make the best album they can possibly make. 


He'll start by really getting to know you.  He'll talk with you, go see you perform live, or listen to your albums and/or demos.  He will also figure out what exactly you need from him.  Some artists just need someone to guide them through the recording process while others may need help with writing and arranging parts.


Regardless of what you may need from him, J.R. will be there for you during every step as he helps you create the record you've always wanted to make. 


J.R. produces bands of any genre, singer/songwriters, and pop singers.  Contact us today to get started on your next project!




The first step in album production is pre-production.  During this phase, we will prepare your songs to be recorded, and it usually entails:


  • Choosing which songs will be recorded


  • Establishing the album's artistic direction by reference productions as a guide


  • Addressing the tempos, melodies, chord progressions, harmonies, instrumentation, song structure, and lyrics and if needed, looking for ways to improve these components.


  • Recording new demos to be used as guides during the recording process
  • Working with the artist to establish and stick to a budget and schedule


  • Hiring studio musicians (if needed) for certain parts

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During this phase, we will record all instrument and vocal parts for the songs using the demos created during pre-production as a guide. We typically take a "ground up" approach when recording and start with the drums and build upward from there with the bass, keys, guitar, etc.  We usually save vocal tracking for last.


Also, if your project calls for it, J.R. will compose or arrange full band or orchestral arrangements for the songs during this phase.


Once all the instrument and vocal tracks have been recorded, we then digitally edit them where needed. In editng, we usuallly:


  • Compile (or "comp") portions of different takes to create the "perfect" take.

  • Adjust pitches and tuning in vocal tracks

  • Fix the timing in the drums and other rhythm instruments so they lock into the song's groove

  • Cut out unneeded noise in certain tracks.

  • Cut out or move entire sections of songs, if needed.


The songs become more of a finished and polished product during mixing, which entails:


  • Careful and tasteful use of EQ, compression, reverb, delay, panning, and automation to make sure each instrument and voice part "sits" properly in the mix.

  • Making sure the mix is appropriate for the style of music of the songs

  • Address the "psycho-acoustics" and making sure certain instruments and voice sound larger, louder, and wider and making sure important parts "pop out" through the speakers.

  • Address the emotional apsects of the song by making sure it has the right "feel."  We want the songs to groove properly, to build to their climax effectively, and for the choruses to feel like the main idea of the songs.


Mastering is the final step in the recording process.  It is the incredibly important final step prior to a track reaching its delivery medium, whether it is a CD, MP3, DVD, vinyl, etc.  In mastering, we use specialized compression, EQ, and limiting to add that final "polish," punch, and loudness to a track.  During mastering we will also remove uncessary noise from tracks and determine the time between tracks on the CD. Let us master your project so we can add that final polish, punch, and loudness to your songs! 

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