The Paris, France-based classical trio came to us for editing, mixing, and mastering for their debut album entitled Holy War X, which features 20th century works as well as original compositions by founding member Mark Rodrieg. 


The dynamic twin-sister pop duo based in Los Angeles traveled to Houston to record vocals for 5 songs with us, and we helped them with vocal arrangements and also mixed the 5 songs.  Dey & Nite began their career as backup dancers for Hilary Duff, and after breaking away on their own, their songs have recevied radio play in the US and Canada as they maintain a busy travel and performance schedule. 


Houston-based Mike Donnell Band started out in 2010 as rock band Fighting Gemini, and they recorded their debut with us the following year. After much consideration and self-reflection, in 2013 they decided they would change their identity and musical style in order to dive right into the Texas country music scene.  They have since released a 3-song EP as well as their debut full-length album entitled "Feels So Right" both of which were recorded here. Their single "Bullet Train" continues to get radio play across Texas and beyond.


Progressive rock band The Dead Revolt has been dazzling Houston audiences since 2010 with their flashy drumming, groovy bass lines, mezmerizing guitar riffs and solos, and seering vocals.  The power trio draws influence from bands such as The Mars Volta, The Fall Of Troy, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath, and we have had the privilege of being a part of four of their records. 


We have been working with Houston-based indie band Ari & the Skeletones over a span of the last six years, and they have grown into well-oiled machine.  Their main musical influences include The Killers and Arcade Fire, and even after releasing their debut EP in 2014, they continue to push the creative envelope by constantly experimenting with new sounds and grooves. They have since released another EP entitled "Lazarus" as well as a brand new concept album called "Little Brother."


Fourteen year old Christian artist Calista Moncada turns a lot of heads with her big, beautiful voice.  We are currently producing her debut album that will consist of songs she and her mother Geneve wrote together.  Calista is an incredibly active student and sings regularly at various churches around Houston.



Dallas-based singer/songwriter Kassy Levels trusted us to produce and mix her debut album entitled "Storyteller."  Even though she was only 14 years old when we made this record, her voice possessed a maturity and soulfulness way beyond her years. 


Austin-based singer/songwriter Tory Tompkins recorded her debut "Somewhere Good EP" with us back in 2010 and 2011.  We co-produced the songs together including the title track here.  In 2014, Tory made it to the Hollywood round of American Idol, and she maintains a busy music schedule. Tory is also an accomplished actress and has starred in several feature films.

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Martinu Trio, 1st Movement - Rodrieg Ensemble
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Jupiter Mars - Dey & Nite
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Down To Ride - Mike Donnell Band
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Chili The Kid - The Dead Revolt
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Bonnie and Clyde - Ari & The Skeletones
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Free The Captives - Calista Moncada
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Once Upon A Time - Kassy Levels
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Somewhere Good - Tory Tompkins
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